Letting photography tell the story of Tsubame-Sanjo to the world, and to future generations.


A photographer raised in Tsubame-Sanjo

When playing with my friends as a kid, I remember hearing the constant sound of metal being struck and polished. I thought that was just daily life for anyone living in a town with so many factories. But as I grew older, my understanding grew about just how valuable it was having so many local industries in town. As someone who has taken on the business of a photo studio that was founded in 1935 and that has grown together with the town, I hope to play a part in the sustainable development of this manufacturing municipality. What started me on this were the visits I’ve begun taking to friends’ workshops, bringing my camera and photographing the people who so often go unseen. This is what prompted my work. The world is beginning to notice the wonderful things this town produces. As the group of photographers that I represent, we hope to use photo and video technologies to make a difference in Tsubame-Sanjo's industries and the development of the community.

President, Photo Studio Usuta
Kazuteru Usuda, Photographer




Promotion activities using video

January 2019 G-SIX pop-up store
December 2019 Good Design Show

Making videos from photos and sharing them


For the world, and for the next generation

July 2016 Participated at the Tsubame-Sanjo booth at Japan Expo Paris
November 2017 Held a photography exhibit at the Hong Kong PMQ Pride - Tsubame-Sanjo exhibition
October 2018 Participated in the London Japanese Knife Company's Tsubame Sanjo booth
October 2018 & 2019 Held a photography exhibit at Tsubame-Sanjo Manufacturing Messe
November 2019 Held a photography exhibit at Tsubame Higashi Elementary School